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Monthly EverLogic Quick Tips Archive

Every month we create a "Quick Tips" guide that focuses on how to use a specific piece of functionality in EverLogic. This archive holds all of the previous month's QuickTips tutorials.

November, 2017 - Setting up to Send Emails from EverLogic

EverLogic gives you the ability to easily send emails to Customers, Vendors, and other Employees from directly within the software. This feature allows you to save time, as you never have to leave the EverLogic software to create and send important communications. Many of the forms in EverLogic contain an “Email” button that allows you to draft and send a communication about a specific topic, directly from that form (such as a repair order estimate for a Customer).

In order to begin sending emails from EverLogic, you will need to enter your email information into your profile. Setting EverLogic up to send emails is quick and easy, and takes only minutes to do. Once setup, you can begin sending email from directly within EverLogic through our fully featured, rich text editor.

October, 2017 - Adding Parts to Inventory, On the Fly

Occasionally, you may need to input a new part into the Parts Inventory while on the fly. This may occur if your parts department overlooked entering a part into EverLogic, when setting up inventory. Thankfully, adding a new part into the inventory is no difficult to do, and you don’t even have to exit the task that you are currently working on in EverLogic (i.e working on a repair order).

Once the part has been added, you can utilize it as you would any other part in your inventory. To see a quick example of how to add parts on the fly, please watch the video below.

September, 2017 - Sending Text Messages from EverLogic

EverLogic allows you to send text messages to customers from directly within the application. You can utilize this feature to send updates from the following modules within EverLogic: Note: you will need a Twilio account in order to leverage this feature. This is something that EverLogic Support can setup for you quickly and easily.

August, 2017 - Adding a New Vendor

In EverLogic, you will likely need to add new Vendors to the system on occation. If you have the proper permissions, this process can be completed quickly and easily in EverLogic.

In this month's Quick Tips tutorial, you will learn the following:

July, 2017 - Adding a New Vehicle Type

The process of adding a new vehicle type in EverLogic is simple and can be carried out with just a few steps. As part of this process, you can also carry out class tracking in QuickBooks.

In this month's Quick Tips tutorial, you will learn the following:

June, 2017 - Profit Accounting in EverLogic

In EverLogic, we refer to the process of profit accounting as "Washing a Deal". This process can be otherwise known as capping, re-capping, nutting, costing, etc.

In this month's Quick Tips tutorial, you will learn the following: