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Monthly EverLogic Quick Tips

Every month we create a "Quick Tips" guide that focuses on how to use a specific piece of functionality in EverLogic. These brief tutorials are meant to get you up and running fast with the latest features and functionality!

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December, 2017 - Creating a New User Account

EverLogic is a permissions based system that allows you to easily create accounts for other users as necessary. Additionally, you can control what parts of the system they have access to, and ensure that they only see what is necessary for that specific user.

Creating a new user account is simple, and can be done right from within EverLogic. With only a few clicks, you can provide the new user’s general information, account specific and login information, as well as their access to different parts of the system.This tutorial shows you the steps to carry out to complete this task.

Special Ordering a Part from an RO

Sometimes the part you are looking for is not already loaded into EverLogic. For example, perhaps you have a special order part that needs to be included in a repair order. Every part must be entered into EverLogic, even if it is just a one-off order. Fortunately, in EverLogic you don’t even need to leave your repair order to carry out this simple task.

In this demonstration, we will show you how to add a part that is not already in your inventory in EverLogic. Specifically, we will be looking up, adding a part from a catalog, and adding it to a repair order.