EverLogic Mobile App: Why this will make your technicians happy

EverLogic is excited to announce our new “Tech Mobile App”. You can access the app on any browser from any location on your phone, tablet, or computer. With this app, technicians can carry out many of the critical tasks in EverLogic, right from their mobile device.

Key Benefits and Features of the EverLogic Tech Mobile App:

  • Technicians can easily manage all their tasks in EverLogic while away from the computer.
  • Track job times, search for parts/part numbers, view all current jobs, and more…
  • Take pictures of damages to units, work performed to correct problems.
  • Seamlessly transition between EverLogic Mobile on the iPad, and the Desktop version of EverLogic.

Check out this article today on how to contact EverLogic’s customer support team.

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