How much does RV dealership software cost?


Some of the most important questions that RV dealership leaders ask when they’re considering a new dealership management system is how much does RV dealership software cost and is it worth it?  

Before we get into how much you should plan to pay for a dealership management system (DMS), let’s discuss the value to you and your RV dealership. In order to do that, you need to know what a good RV dealership DMS should do for you and your RV dealership.  Note: In the RV dealership world, the terms “software” and “DMS” are synonymous. In short, a DMS should bring together all of the important facets of your dealership in one place.

What does an RV dealership DMS do for the cost?  

However, before you purchase your DMS program,  make sure it is specific to the RV industry.  A fully developed RV dealership DMS allows you to do the following within the same program: 

  • Manage your inventory. 
  • Manage your accounting and access financial information. 
  • Collect payments. 
  • Track and account for your service department’s time. 
  • Maximize your service department’s profits. 
  • Manage customers and customer communication. 
  • Structure deals and manage forms. 
  • Create and manage quotes. 
  • Manage your point(s) of sale.
  • View and manage multiple stores (locations) if you need it. 

 EverLogic DMS Platform for Dealerships

Value Versus Cost of a DMS for your RV Dealership 

Not only is it important to understand what the DMS program does, but it is equally as important to ask yourself these key questions:

Question 1

 First, let’s talk about your needs. Take a look at the list above. Are you and your staff doing the things above with efficiency, effectiveness, and confidence in one cohesive system 

Question 2

Now let’s discuss your future. Are you willing to invest in your business to make it stronger now 

Question 3

 Finally, let’s talk about your capacity. Do you have the time and financial capacity to make an investment in your business that meets the needs above? You’re probably thinking, “Maybe…if you tell me how much it actually costs.” Let’s get into that now.  

What’s the real cost of a DMS in a RV dealership?

The DMS Cost of Time

Of course, a DMS system is software that connects people and systems. Popular RV DMS solutions include those like Motility, which currently have an average 6-12 week onboarding and implementation period. This period usually includes getting the software fully plugged into your dealership and some amount of training for your team (import files, price lists, inventory, etc.).  With this in mind, understand that some software requires more training than what companies offer during the implementation period. The cost  in time is usually the biggest concern for RV dealers. For reference, EverLogic’s implementation period is four weeks.  

The DMS Cost of Price

Moreover, most DMS systems charge monthly fees per user in addition to a one-time onboarding fee. Monthly fees range from about $55 to $300 per user per monthOnboarding fees vary widely, but expect to pay at least a few thousand dollars for initial setup and training. This covers the cost of having expert software technicians do the complicated work of making sure all your important data and systems are working. The cost also covers the training so your team understands how to use the DMS.

Some DMS programs require a long-term commitment (EverLogic does not). Instead of asking yourself, “How many additional units do I need to sell to justify the new expense?” try asking yourself, “How many additional units will I sell if the system works?”  

The Cost of Choosing the Wrong DMS

With this in mind, It’s always preferable to have buy-in and excitement from your team whenever you launch a new systemThat excitement is almost always there the first time you launch a new DMS. This is because  your team knows how it will make their lives betterThey will put in the work to learn the new system because you’ve told them things are about to be better for everyone.

But what if your new DMS doesn’t make their lives easier after a few months of using it? Or, what if you decide the value just isn’t there and you want to make a switch to a different DMS shortly after you just launched one? You could lose the trust and commitment of your team quickly if you make the wrong choice

Asking your team to get excited about making another switch is not going to go well,  and you’ll likely keep a system that isn’t ideal. Worse still, you may just cancel it and do things the old, broken way.  To be sure, making a switch to a new or different DMS is sometimes the best thing, especially if you’ve been with the wrong system for a long time. But you can’t switch often. The point is this: You are married to your DMS system and you need to choose wisely so you don’t waste money, and so you keep the trust of your team 

Considerations Beyond the Cost of a RV Dealership Software

There are hundreds of DMS solutions that could meet your needs as an RV dealer. Additionally, It’s extremely tempting to settle for software or systems that are “good enough” because there are so many choices . You could use multiple software platforms and build a solution on your own that works okay. Or you could buy an off-the-shelf “DMS” that’s not really a DMS or requires you to essentially customize it on your own . In view of that, you could certainly save a few bucks by getting something that does just some of what you need in a DMS. But notably, it will be lacking.

To that end, find a DMS  built specifically for RV dealers (or whatever type of dealership you run). Make sure it truly integrates all of your major dealership functions, and make the right choice the first time by researching and asking questions 

EverLogic’s DMS Cost & Pricing

Granted, when you ask the question, “How much does an RV dealership DMS cost?” make sure you consider budget, value, time, and contracts. The EverLogic DMS is an all-in-one dealership management solution that’s web-based with mobile app add-ons, all designed to maximize your value.

  • The standard license fee is $129 per month per license.
  • There is a three license minimum.
  • Mobile tech apps are $39 additionally per month per license.
  • Add or remove licenses at any time.
  • Implementation costs $3,999 and takes 30 days.
  • Training is offered every day at no extra charge.
  • Cancel any time with 30 days notice – no annual contracts.

Watch a free demo here.

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