EverLogic's Onboarding Process: A Step by Step Guide

EverLogic onboarding

How does our onboarding process work and is it seamless?

Onboarding sounds like we are taking a cruise.  If you use your imagination, the two are similar. Before you even take a cruise, you will likely do your research on the desired destination. Just like researching a dealer management system, you have the desired outcome in mind. You probably imagine the ability to consistently communicate throughout all departments, for example. In our world, you would need to gather all your list data. This includes  customers, vendors, inventory, and parts in an excel template. Our implementation team will send this to you. 

You will also need to assign them roles in the implementation process, such as a project coordinator, closing document specialist and accounting expert. These “titles” are, obviously specific to your team and you can name them what you like. You can assign your roles based on the three stages of our process, which are, system set-up, document programming, and accounting set-up. Let’s briefly describe what each entails and what EverLogic’s onboarding process is like.

Everlogic’s Onboarding Process and System set-up:

This is the first stage where you would schedule a time with our implementation coordinator to set up your company information, location(s), vendors, purchase order types, repair order statuses, inventory types, and system rules. These are only a few examples. 

Document programming:

Now it’s time to get your expert sales member with our document programmer to set up your quote system, or “desking tool” and upload all your standard state-required documents, dealership fees, and taxes. This is just a summary of what is included. However, it’s important to note that we supply all your state-required documents at no additional cost. However, if you have any specific documents that need to be programmed, there will be an additional fee.  

Everlogic’s Onboarding Accounting set-up: 

Everlogic's Onboarding Process Made SimpleAt this time, your accounting expert would schedule a time with our accounting expert and the magic begins. Our expert will help you with the integration between EverLogic and QuickBooks. The information goes from the EverLogic Map Code to the QuickBooks item set which is tied to the QuickBooks account. Again, this is simply a brief overview of the important process.  

Your team will also need to be trained to use the software. We offer live online training broken up into departments 4 weeks of every month. Each session lasts for about an hour and a half. The biggest obstacle we face is a dealership’s concerns with not having time for their employees to learn our software program.

While we understand the busyness of operating a dealership, this is beyond important for your dealership to successfully integrate with EverLogic. Our goal is to be completely transparent with our customers because if you fail, we fail as well. To be successful, we need your dedicated time and participation, especially during the “onboarding process”.  

How long does Everlogic’s onboarding process take?

 If your team participates by meeting scheduled appointments, getting the required information back to us in a timely manner, attending and participating in all training classes; EverLogic’s onboarding process takes 30 days. 

The final portion of the question: Is Everlogic’s onboarding “seamless?”

Again, transparency is our goal. So, here we go, the word “seamless”, is particularly subjective. Our experience shows, the process will be as “seamless” as you make it. Implementing any new software or process can be intimidating. Here at EverLogic, we make it our goal to provide you with assistance, guidance, and the care necessary to make your “onboarding” process as painless as possible. When we bring a new partner aboard our “ship,” all team members are on full alert, ready to assist you immediately!  

Experience has shown that the “onboarding or implementation,” process plays a major role in our upcoming partnership success and long-term relationship. We hope this article gave you all you need to know about EverLogic’s Onboarding Process.

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