How does the EverLogic Mobile App help my technicians?

By: Victor Fuller

How does EverLogic Mobile Tech help my technicians?

How did Everlogic Mobile Tech happen? Throughout our years working with RV dealers, we saw challenges and obstacles hindering success and efficiency. Keeping these difficulties in mind we enhanced our software’s capabilities to heighten our RV dealer’s experience. EverLogic  makes every person’s role at an RV dealership easier, even technicians. This article addresses a frequently asked question: How does EverLogic Mobile Tech help my technicians to be more productive?

Challenges Solved by EverLogic Mobile Tech

EverLogic Helps technicians

One common challenge for our dealers is trying to adequately track wrench time from their technicians. Some dealers use simple systems involving clip boards with repair jobs on them, or bins with the individual technician’s sheets stuffed inside. The technician takes the clip board and its repair job sheet  to the shop, and uses this sheet to track when each job is started and completed. Workers also use these sheets to track parts used and the quantity of each. When the work is finished for the day, the technician must walk to the service desk and inform someone, and pick up the next job.

Other dealers employ similar systems for assigning repair jobs to their technicians, but then have time clocks in the shop. A technician must first punch the start time on the clock to begin work. Then, the tech must walk back to the bay to begin working. When the work on this job is finished for the day  the technician must walk back to the clock to punch the stop. Again, upon finishing the work for the day the technician must walk to the service desk and inform someone of the job’s status. Then, the tech picks up the next job.

Both of these methods have a human factor  allowing for damage or loss of the sheet.  In this instance, it leaves no way for the dealership to know what has been done. Manually delivering the completed sheets to someone at the service desk is inefficient. Additionally, how many times do your techs forget to punch in or out of a job? A better way exists.

Warranty Repairs at RV Dealerships

Another issue with these methods occurs when pictures of the repair jobs are necessary. For example, you perform  a warranty repair requiring specific pictures of the damages. Someone, usually the technician,  needs to get a camera from the service desk, go to the RV, take enough pictures to document the repairs, and then return the camera to the service desk. Next,  someone must upload the pictures from the camera to the software.

We talk to a lot of our dealers about these challenges, and determined to produce a product to alleviate the headaches.   Enter the EverLogic Mobile Tech. It allows a technician to access the assigned jobs on any mobile device with access to the internet. The EverLogic Mobile Tech doesn’t require downloading from an app store. This means an Android, Apple, or Microsoft based device works perfectly.

How the Everlogic Mobile Tech Works

Once the service department assigns the technician a repair job it  appears on the individual mobile tech’s dashboard.  From the mobile device the technician logs into the assigned job. Once the job is completed the technician simply clicks a button to indicate it is finished.  The technician also has the ability to update the status, problem, cause, and solution on the repair job Everlogic MobileTech.  Only those with administrative clearance have editing capabilities.

The EverLogic Mobile Tech eliminates the need to track information on paper, reduces the risk of human error, and increases efficiency by decreasing lost time.  It also ensures proper pictures and parts are attached to the repair job. We hope this article answers the question: “How will Everlogic Mobiletech help my technicians?” For more information on EverLogic’s onboarding process, check this article out.

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