Right Time For New Dealership Management Software

When Is The Right Time For Your RV Dealership To Consider A DMS?

Is this the right time to upgrade your processes? At EverLogic several hundred dealership staff use our software to manage their workflows.  They do this on an hourly and daily basis from sunup to sundown seven days a week. We often hear, “I wish we would have found you guys, sooner!” We also hear from some of our prospects who are interested in using our software, but say now isn’t the right time. This article helps you decide: When is the right time for your dealership to consider a DMS?

Here are some of the other responses we often get from our prospects.
  • “I am just too busy right now.”
  • “Our staff don’t like using computers.”
  • “We don’t have the inventory right now.”
These are all valid concerns, but what they are actually saying is:
  • Processes at my dealership are broken.
  • I am avoiding uncomfortable conversations with my staff.
  • New software for our dealership means – Change.
  • Overall fear of making a BIG decision and investment now.

So, why even go through the hassle of investing with a dealership management software company? The answer is simple. When your business succeeds, we succeed too.  Briefly, at EverLogic one of our core values is putting the customer first. And we try to be your number one support system for dealership software. To begin with, Is your RV dealership in need of software to manage inventory, equipment, and taxes? Then EverLogic is the solution for that problem. Here at EverLogic, we offer support to every part of your dealership, from sales and accounting to inventory management.

Right time for New Dealership Management Software

When it’s the right time, here’s what you get:

  • Customer Management- Full Customer Relationship Management Module.
  • Parts Inventory- Get complete control of your parts department.
  • Point of Sale- The only QuickBooks Gold Certified DMS Module.
  • Sales and Finance- Sell more and produce the required paperwork.
  • Back Office- Ensure administrative tasks are completed.
  • Document Management- The ability to archive and recall any document.
  • Unit Inventory- Anything with a serial number is tracked.
  • Quickbooks Accounting- Get control over your business. Manage you.
  • Service- All of the necessary tools to manage your technicians.
If your team participates by meeting scheduled appointments, gets the required information back to us in a timely manner, attends and participates in all training classes, EverLogic’s onboarding process takes 30 days.  EverLogic’s software offers multiple ways to elevate your dealership, like our integration with QuickBooks and our top-of-the-line customer support staff.

With this in mind, we want you to make the right choice for your dealership. Not only at the right time, but also if it’s a good fit for your company and EverLogic as well. We understand you must consider many variables before bringing on a dealership management system. With EverLogic, our software helps manage your business better and ultimately makes each of your employee’s roles easier.  Interested in using EverLogic? Watch a FREE demo with us today! Want to know how much EverLogic costs? Click here. Or see how the right dealer software will benefit you here.  Click the button below to see more ways that your dealership can profit more.