Are There Any Hidden Fees?

Hidden Fees: Does EverLogic have any?

  • EverLogic strives for transparency and doesn’t have hidden fees
  • Mobile app licenses are $39 per license
  • Custom documents specific to your dealership are $250
  • Dealerships don’t have to sign a long-term contract
Are There Any Hidden Fees?

“Are there any hidden fees?” This is a question dealers all around the country ask us. Since transparency is such a priority of ours, we thought we’d address it directly. 

The short answer is no. Without a doubt, customer satisfaction and trust are some of our top priorities. We would never jeopardize our principals with hidden fees that you didn’t agree with. But don’t take our word for it, check out a list of common hidden fees that you’ll find when searching for a DMS, and how we deal with them.

The cost of add-ons and no hidden fees

While EverLogic’s DMS allows complete control of your company, we’ve had many requests from customers to create a mobile version that you can take on the field. We listened and released the mobile tech app and the mobile desking app. 

We gear the mobile tech app specifically for technicians, and the mobile desking app, we gear that specifically for salespeople. Both apps act as a portable EverLogic application that you can carry on your cell phone or tablet wherever you’d like. This saves time while increasing efficiency throughout the company. We make these features completely optional. Your dealership can add these features on your own. Or simply let us know if you wish to utilize these features and we will walk you through the process. Each mobile license costs $39. 

No hidden fees with EverlogicThe cost of document customization

Something that may be considered a hidden fee is a customer document fee. It’s not so much ‘hidden’ as it is forgotten in the sales process. This custom document fee is a fee we charge to design a custom buyer’s order or any other document that is specific to your dealership. The $250 fee covers the development process and maintenance for the life of the form. The document will belong to you, and only you. We do not share your custom documents with any other dealerships.

The cost of updates and no hidden fee

It can be difficult to keep up with the rapid advancement of technology in the software business. Because of these advancements, we must continually update our system. While these updates will take IT staff and management away from their current projects, most companies will tack on extra fees in the middle of your subscription. Fortunately, at EverLogic, our development staff takes these things into account from the beginning to ensure our customers have the most up-to-date services possible, for no charge. 

The cost of contracts 

Most RV dealerships make customers sign contracts for their services. At EverLogic, we offer zero commitment for longer than a one-month period. This gives our customers as much flexibility as possible to make the best decisions for their company. Working with EverLogic means you’re the judge of us. Know that we want you to stay with us because you’re satisfied with our results and because you want to, not because you have to. 

The cost of business and no hidden fees

At EverLogic, we understand that we will not achieve our goal of total customer satisfaction by hitting our customers with hidden fees and unexpected charges. Working with EverLogic, you can rest assured knowing we will never add a fee to your bill without complete transparency and clear reasoning. If you’re interested in learning more about our prices and services, feel free to visit our pricing article. This goes in-depth into the various prices, products, and value that we can provide for your dealership.

We want to provide full transparency in your decision process of choosing a new dealership management system.  Check out this article on EverLogic’s Account Manager Dawn Wolkens. Also, be sure to check out this article on the biggest problems with RV dealership software.

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