Does EverLogic Handle Repair Orders Well?

Does EverLogic Handle Repair Orders Well?

Does EverLogic handle repair orders well?

Can Techs add line items to Repair Orders?

Repair Orders can have multiple jobs with individual rates and taxability for each job line. Adding additional jobs to a single Repair Order is easy. There are two ways to add jobs to a repair order. The first is by adding it using the desktop application. Any user with employee permission “Access to Service” can add a job via the desktop application. The second way to add a job is via the Mobile App. The Mobile App offers many ways to enhance your service department.

The app features:

  • The ability for technicians to log in and out of their jobs, while in the bays and on the “fly” with ease. Your Benefit: will provide you the accurate and efficient reporting on actual wrench time. Technicians can also save valuable time by not having to walk back and forth to the office to log in and out of their jobs. It also prevents a technician from losing a paper tech sheet.  
  • The ability to take pictures with their mobile device and save it directly to the repair order, in real-time. Your Benefit: the technician can take the necessary pictures for warranty work and quickly save them to the repair order. This will save valuable time. Especially if your current process involves using a camera, removing the disk, uploading the pictures to the computer, and finally attaching them to the repair order.  
  • The ability to add parts on the fly. Your benefit: if your technician is out working on the job and they realize they need another part, they can simply click a button and add the part directly to the repair order.
  • The ability to change the status of the repair order, such as work in progress or waiting on parts. Your Benefit: this can provide the service writer valuable information pertaining to the status of the work order throughout the day which can assist in a more efficient workflow.  
  • The technician will have visible access to pertinent information such as, stock number, make, model, model number, year, VIN number, plate number, and any important notes the service writer may need the technician to know. 

How do I add a new job?

While working on a Repair Order within the Mobile app, a tech can add additional jobs to the vehicle they are already working on.

While signed into the Mobile App, Click on Add New Job to add a job to a vehicle that you are already assigned to.

Then choose the repair order from the list.

repair orders

The Problem, Cause, and Solution fields are available to fill out along with Class and Status. Click Add when finished, and the job will be available on the Technician’s Dashboard.

repair orders

Thus the new job is now available to start work on, add images, parts, and complete.

repair orders

 Using the Mobile App makes handling the repair order easy for technicians. They can also track time spend on jobs by using the app to start and stop jobs. They can also add additional parts to a job, add images, and view and update notes on a job.

What can techs not do on repair orders in our software?

EverLogic provides Employee Permissions to help control what users have access to. A user with “Access to Service” can view and update Repair Orders and the associated job lines. Technicians who use the mobile app only have access to the jobs they are assigned to. This helps simplify the technician’s view. Along with starting and stopping jobs, technicians can mark a job as complete. Restrictions in individual permissions include marking a job incomplete after it is done, changing a labor code price, viewing cost and profit information on the Repair Order.  

Who should customers call if they are having trouble handling repair orders?

In conclusion, customers can contact support with How-to questions and issues by emailing Please provide a Repair Order number, a job number, and the name of the technician logged into the Mobile App for faster service. Also, make sure to check out what our integration with QuickBooks looks like for your dealership in this article. 

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