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Navigating Growth as an RV Dealer

In this webinar, we speak with Salem Hassan, the owner of Travelcamp RV, on his journey to becoming a multi-location business and insights on what makes his team and leadership so successful.

Keeping Trailer & RV Dealership Efficiency High During a Pandemic

In this webinar, we speak with Eddie Meeks, the owner of North Texas Trailers, on keeping efficiency in his business high during a pandemic, and what he and his team does to stand out among other dealers.

Google Reviews for Dealerships 101

In this webinar, Mike Melis of Kenect joins us to discuss why Google Reviews matter to your dealership, what you should be doing about negative reviews, and how to get more positive reviews.

Dealership Accounting 101

Hear from EverLogic’s fierce leader Mike Goodwin on what he has learned over the past 20 years working in the dealership software space on how to better your dealership accounting practices.

Leveraging Digital Marketing to Increase Sales

Join Ryan Winter and Zach Gray of EverLogic’s sales and marketing team as we cover some essentials about how you can leverage digital marketing to increase your sales in your dealership. 

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