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As the only QuickBooks-certified dealership management software, EverLogic DMS is great for any dealership leader that wants more clarity about their sales, parts department, service department, back office and accounting

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What is Dealership Management Software?

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Dealership management software — also known as a dealership management system or DMS for short — is the place where a dealer can oversee and carry out the tasks of their business. Efficient DMS software includes functions for sales, service, parts, accounting, F&I, document management, customers, and more. The true value of dealership management software is a combination of its functions, integrations, accessibility, flexibility, security, and the wider dealership management system (support, price, integrations, etc.).

For 20 years, EverLogic has proudly served the needs of dealerships across America and Canada with our trusted software. It provides all the functions a dealership needs to operate in an easy-to-use interface. A dealership will be able to save hours of time each week with EverLogic by eliminating inefficient processes.

Our dealership management software will keep all your data on a secure cloud so there is no reason for you to have a server. Your customer, unit and parts data, documents, reports, and invoices are easily accessible to you whenever you need them. EverLogic is also a flexible dealership solution, so you can run your business the way you want.

Inventory Management

Whether your dealership sells RVs, trailers, cars, heavy equipment, marine, or powersports, EverLogic’s got you covered. You can customize each purchase order to only get exactly what you need from the vendor, but also better organize your inventory. This will save you a lot of time as you search your inventory to meet your customer’s needs.

Once the vehicle is on your lot, EverLogic allows you to add pictures of the unit to your dealership’s website, set multiple prices for a unit, including clearance and red tag prices, as well as floor plan the unit.


EverLogic’s dealership management software features a complete service module that allows for full transparency to the customer. You can add before and after pictures to a repair order, add parts to a job from your parts inventory, include additional jobs on a repair order if another problem is discovered, and even adjust payments for warranty or internal repair orders.

Technicians can clock in and out of a job from EverLogic for better labor accountability. There is also a comprehensive technician scheduler so your techs know exactly what needs to be done each day.


The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module not only supports your dealership in building a relationship with a customer, but also strengthens that relationship over time. More than just a place to add a customer’s contact information, you can include a customer’s wish list, which helps you find the right unit for them. You can run credit checks and send marketing emails.

Additionally, you can send your customers email or text reminders about upcoming maintenance or notifications that their repairs are complete. You can even give customer-specific discounts to reward long-time, loyal customers.

Back Office Accounting

Take the power of a top-notch dealership management system and combine it with the industry-leading accounting software, you have something special. The relationship between EverLogic and QuickBooks stretches back 20 years and continues to be the easiest way to run your back office.

EverLogic eliminates double-entry of data by sending everything transaction with the dealership software directly into your QuickBooks. We can help map your accounts to ensure at the end of every day, every quarter, every year, your books are efficiently organized, easing the stress of dealership accountants everywhere.


When it comes to sales, customer satisfaction comes partly from transparency and efficiency. On the transparency end, EverLogic’s sales module breaks down every penny of a sale, whether it be from a unit, part, or repair order. This includes the price of the unit, part, or job, taxes, labor, and any other fees. Your quote to a customer is easy to read and flexible for any possible negotiations. All this helps build confidence in the customer that you’re giving them the best deal possible.

On the efficiency end, EverLogic allows you to easily move your customer through the sales process while still dotting all the I’s and crossing all the T’s. EverLogic can clearly break down how much your salespeople will earn in commission with each successful sale. All the most important information is also kept in our reports tab so you can keep track of your dealership’s trends.

Parts & Inventory

Your dealership management software should follow the entire life of any part in your dealership from ordering to installation and warranty period. EverLogic does just that. We upload any parts catalog you use into the software, making ordering parts and sending that invoice to QuickBooks a breeze. In your store, EverLogic helps keep them organized so your cycle counts also become easier.

Once a customer is ready to buy the part, the sale of the part is even easier than selling a unit. Because EverLogic is flexible, you can also sell the part within a repair order or unit sale. The price of the part is simply added to the larger sale.


Like accounting, financing is where you can truly get the best out of EverLogic by using our partners AppOne and 700Credit. With those two services, you can use EverLogic to quickly get credit checks, take care of any red flags that might pop up during a credit check, and secure financing with verified lenders across the country. You can do all that straight on the EverLogic platform without having to log into other services.

Even if you choose not to use AppOne or 700Credit, a customer can get financing independently, which you can reflect on a quote to help close the sale. Like all other transactions, purchases made through financing will easily be mapped into QuickBooks without it getting lost with cash sales. 

Point of Sale (POS)

EverLogic’s point of sale module provides all that you need to ensure money transactions seamlessly into your dealership. EverLogic can record several forms of payments including cash, check, warranty, internal, goodwill, and of course, card payments.

For your card payments, we recommend using Global Payments, though you can manually key in card numbers on the software as well.

Expansion & General Management

EverLogic is designed to grow as your business grows. If you decide to open a new store, or buy another business’s store, EverLogic allows you to get that new location up and running free of charge.

While you may need to pay for extra licenses to cover the employees at your new location, you will not have to pay another implementation fee or expansion fee. And though you will not pay a fee, you will receive the same service in implementing your new location as you did with your first location.

Cloud Data

We call EverLogic a hybrid cloud-based solution. While the software must be downloaded onto your computer, none of the data will be stored on a local device and there is no need for your dealership to have a server to store that data.

Rather, EverLogic stores all your data on a secure cloud, via Microsoft Azure. This ensures that you have access to your data even if something goes wrong with your computer. It also allows you to use EverLogic on as many devices as you like.

Customer Support

EverLogic is proud to offer friendly and professional customer support as part of your licensing fee, meaning you’ll never pay to call us for help or setting up private support sessions. Our staff goes through rigorous training to ensure that you receive the best help possible.

And if your problem goes beyond the scope of our support staff, EverLogic’s development team can look deeper into the issue to get you back in the game as quickly as possible.

Here's what people are saying about EverLogic DMS.

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Chris Davis
Finance Manager, Western Skies RV

"I’ve been in the industry for over 25 years. I used to have to do everything by hand. Everything. With EverLogic, I can do a complete deal in 6 or 7 minutes. So would I recommend EverLogic to a friend? Absolutely! These people know their stuff. They’re very organized. I love it. That’s what I can say."

Slide 1
Shelley Bennet
Finance Manager, Petoskey RV USA

"Without EverLogic, we would not have the true picture of what we have going on. It provides a great source of what we have in our inventory. Would I recommend EverLogic to a friend? Yes, I would. If somebody was really trying to keep track of their business inventory along with expenses. The information is right there."

Slide 1
Margo Boyer
Owner, Penn RV Center

"EverLogic, the way it helps me the most is saving me time during the day, just making my life easier in general. It’s easy to learn. For small business it’s great. To do sales times without the EverLogic, I can’t even imagine! Before I had EverLogic, it would take me over an hour. I trust the figures from EverLogic because I put it to the test!"

Slide 1
Duane Mertz
AT Trailer Center

"Implementation was extremely smooth. I would say it is probably the smoothest launch that I ever participated in. All the information was given upfront, setup was smooth and seamless, the transition was second to none. Very user friendly, but yet at the same time it was detailed and given us everything we needed."

Slide 1
Buffy Vinson
Integrity RV

"With EverLogic, it's right there. Everything in front of you is just a click away. It has been the most streamlined, easily navigated dealer management software that I've encountered. It has been honestly awesome since the day that I got here. Absolutely love the videos and the self-help. I enjoy that you guys are there ready to help, and you're on it every day."

Slide 1
Tammy Aumick
Curren RV

"EverLogic, in my eyes, [is] very self-explanatory. And that's what you need to make your dealership function properly. I like that it transfers over to QuickBooks. I think it's a very easy program, and it's so easy to work compared to the other softwares I've used. "

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EverLogic offers FREE training available to all users!

Our interactive dealership management software classes are free to join Monday – Friday from our live trainer. We also have recorded classes available 24/7 in our Knowledge Base, and individual helpful clips are frequently added to our YouTube page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question that isn’t answered here? See our full FAQ page.

The EverLogic dealership management software is an all-in-one, web-based dealership management solution with an optional mobile application. The standard license fee for EverLogic Core Desktop is $129 per month per license, with a three-license minimum. Administrators can add or remove licenses at any time. There is a one-time fee of $4,000 that covers training, white-glove implementation support, and everything your team needs to be fully operational within 30 days. The EverLogic Mobile App is $39 per month per license and can be used in lieu of EverLogic Core Desktop for some roles within your dealership.

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Thirty days or fewer. Technically, you will have access to EverLogic within 24 hours of submitting your signed agreement and payment information. However, EverLogic is system with many facets that will impact different areas of your business. So there are some things that you need to learn before you get started. We’ll walk you through each step during implementation.

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Yes. Adding new locations in EverLogic is simple and very easy to do. And you won’t be charged anything extra outside of normal license fees.

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EverLogic is the only dealership management system with a robust integration with QuickBooks. Additionally, EverLogic can save hundreds of hours for your accountant, bookkeeper, back-office professionals, or just about anyone else who looks at your financials.

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