QuickBooks Accounting in EverLogic​

The Only QuickBooks Certified DMS

EverLogic is one of the only QuickBooks Certified Dealer Management Software available.

Being certified means that Intuit (the maker of QuickBooks) has confidence in our integrated solution. To become certified, we had to pass an exhaustive system test performed by Intuit. That is why you can have confidence in our QuickBooks integrated solution.

Solving the Dealership Dilemma

Many dealers that use only QuickBooks to run their dealerships feel frustrated that the program alone doesn’t do exactly what they need it to do. When we break this down, what it means is:

  • It doesn’t manage serialized inventory (vehicles) very well
  • Dealerships can’t easily account for vehicle costs
  • It doesn’t do what I need for repair orders
  • Dealerships need catalog integration with my vendors
  • Invoicing sales with trades and liens is cumbersome
  • Dealerships can’t print finance contracts and state licensing documents

While we have seen some pretty creative workarounds that dealers use with QuickBooks, there is always something lacking.

EverLogic was born from a dealer using a DMS that had a built-in accounting system. He was still using QuickBooks because the dealer management software’s accounting module was cumbersome and did not provide the information he needed. QuickBooks was familiar, easy to use, and gave the information he needed. 

We were a QuickBooks solution provider and we decided to work with the dealer to build a robust DMS system that would integrate directly with QuickBooks.

The EverLogic system solves all of the above problems and adds additional capabilities, like CRM, Sales Management, Financing, Back Office, and Document management.

Which version of QuickBooks is right for my business?

When using EverLogic with QuickBooks, our customers find that their dependence on QuickBooks is drastically reduced. If you have 10 people using QuickBooks for example to run your operations, you can reduce the number of licenses to only a couple with EverLogic. You can also choose less expensive versions of QuickBooks.

Integration Points

EverLogic handles all of the day-to-day operations and business functions required to run a dealership. Generating transactions in the EverLogic system removes the complexities of dealership accounting from end-users. Using an item-to-item mapping between EverLogic and QuickBooks, transactions are sent to QuickBooks consistently and accurately. EverLogic sends:
  • Vehicle sales and data
  • Parts and service sales
  • Vehicle purchases data
  • Parts and accessory purchases
  • All Deposit data
  • New customers and vendors

QuickBooks ProAdvisor Services

We also offer QuickBooks ProAdvisor consulting services. If you need assistance with QuickBooks above and beyond using the EverLogic-QuickBooks interface, we can help. We provide QuickBooks training, QuickBooks consulting, and QuickBooks programming services.

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