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At EverLogic, our mission is to be a dynamic, innovative team that empowers dealers to achieve their goals by providing reliable software, trustworthy support, and resources that drive success.


years helping dealerships streamline operations and eliminate double-entry.

Based out of Jacksonville, Florida, EverLogic is a software development company started by veteran Mike Goodwin in 2003. Two years later, we released our first Dealership Management Software – then known as RV Logic, Inc. The software was unique, designed specifically for RV dealerships, and featured a direct integration with QuickBooks.

After over two decades in business, EverLogic expanded into other dealership industries such as trailer, marine, heavy equipment, automotive, and service repair facilities while remaining committed to serving RV dealerships.

Our Culture

EverLogic is more than a dealership management software company with QuickBooks integration. It is a story, more than two decades in the making. Like any great story, it is a story of people who took a simple idea to create something special. 

In 2003, Mike Goodwin discussed with his father-in-law about how they could make a chain of RV dealerships more efficient. The idea seemed simple: Create an interface that did not require dealerships to use an on-platform accounting system. Rather, the new solution would have seamless communication with Intuit QuickBooks, the most widely used accounting software. This is where the first seed of EverLogic took root. 

With the support of his family, Mike founded RV Logic, later renamed EverLogic, and began to design and build the new software solution. It took two years and was originally web-based. Due to web browser speeds of the time, he released a later version that was an application, greatly improving the speed of the software.  

This was a radical change as the data from EverLogic was not stored on a customer’s computer or server but rather on a cloud, a relatively new concept in the mid-2000s. Over time, features like parts and services modules were added to EverLogic, creating a fully-functioning DMS, covering virtually all aspects of a dealership in one solution. 

Today, EverLogic has grown far beyond the small seed of an idea 20 years ago. Much of that growth has come from a still growing community of dealerships. Many of the features that make EverLogic run so well came from individual dealers who saw ways to improve the software.  

Mike continues to build relationships with dealerships across the United States, Canada, and even in the Caribbean. Yet just as important to him is the culture within EverLogic, a cast of friendly professionals with their own unique personality and strengths that still reflect his vision. That vision is EverLogic shouldn’t be limited to providing an efficient dealership management system, but excellent support to help dealerships grow. 

The work is not over. Mike, and his team of developers, are currently working on a new version of the software. Somewhat ironically, he plans to return EverLogic to a full web-based software. The technology not available 20 years ago, is now ready to push EverLogic toward the future of innovation.  

An idea, a seed planted 20 years ago in Jacksonville, Florida, nourished by determination and innovation, is today EverLogic, a realized American dream. 


Mike Goodwin

Mike Goodwin

President of EverLogic

Mike Goodwin is the President of EverLogic Software. Since the company’s inception, he has worked tirelessly to bring to life his idea of a streamlined version of dealership software that can be readily accessed and integrated into existing software.

Mike started his own consulting business in 1999 and built several business systems for small and medium sized businesses, before starting RV Logic (now EverLogic) with his family in 2003.

Mike has worked in every capacity at EverLogic and is currently the President and CEO of the company. What he loves about EverLogic is the ability to serve other small businesses to help streamline and manage their business operations. He loves running a small company that has professional employees that have the same passion in helping others. Outside of work, Mike enjoys golfing and boating with his family and friends.


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