Customer Relationship Management Module

The Customer Relationship Management module (CRM) is available in all versions of EverLogic Dealership Management Software. From the customer data-entry screen, you can access all pertinent information about the prospect or customer including demographics, buying preferences and all interactions with the customer or prospect.

Screenshot Of EverLogic's Customer Information Screen On Customer Relationship Management Module
Screenshot of EverLogic's customer information screen on Customer Relationship Management module
CRM History Screenshot
CRM History screenshot
CRM Marketing List Screenshot
CRM Marketing List screenshot
CRM Form Screenshot
CRM Form screenshot

EverLogic CRM Features

You can start most business processes from the customer screen to make it easier and faster for you. For example, you can start sales quotes for serialized inventory, start repair orders, and cash out customers at the point of sale. Also, you can run credit checks, send emails and more. EverLogic’s software transfers customer information directly to the process you begin. As a result, redundant data entry or looking up information is unnecessary. 

All activity with your customer is automatically logged. You can view past activity from the history tab on the customer screen.

Additionally, you can use the vehicle locate feature, which searches your inventory based on your customer’s preferred year, make or model. This feature will ultimately save your sales team when searching for the right vehicle.

There are also customer loyalty features that can be set to provide automatic reminders to follow up with customers and prospects. You can provide automatic discounts on parts and accessories for your loyal customers as well.

EverLogic has excellent search tools to find specific customers or customer lists based on more than 10 parameters. And if that is not enough, there is an advanced filtering capability that allows you to segment lists to exactly what you want.

Key Features Of This Module

  • Provide an effective tool for the salespeople to manage their call activity and funnel.
  • Increase visibility into your sales pipeline and enhance sales lead conversion.
  • Capture leads and tracks opportunities through several sales stages.

  • Share customer, sales and marketing information across your organization.
  • Ensure consistent and repeatable follow-up process with automated reminders.
  • Records all customer purchases and activities like phone, email, and face-to-face.