Unit Inventory

Get complete control over your ordering and receiving process. Place orders with your manufacturers and suppliers quickly and easily via email or fax.

Inventory Form Screenshot
Inventory Form screenshot
Inventory List Screenshot
Inventory List screenshot
Inventory Form Floor Plan Screenshot
Inventory Form Floor Plan screenshot

EverLogic inventory management is the solution for dealers that sell RVs, boats, motors, trailers, heavy equipment, ATVs, motorcycles and cars. Anything that has a serial number is managed by the Inventory module. Cost accounting of inventory is simple and accurate. Inventory and Service modules are completely integrated so that service writer’s can expense internal repairs directly to inventory.

Multi-location lookup of inventory is built in to EverLogic. Because of the technology platform used by EverLogic, you will experience greater flexibility than you would with all other systems.

Key Features Of This Module

  • Aging and Itemization
  • Potential Buyers List
  • Dealer holdback

  • Floorplan – Line of Credit Tracking
  • Window Sticker