Parts Inventory Module

Get complete control of your parts department with EverLogic. You can rely on EverLogic to provide you with all the tools and automation to manage and maintain accurate inventory with complete confidence.

Parts List Screenshot
Parts List screenshot
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Cycle Count screenshot

Parts Inventory Features

Dealerships can be more profitable by updating your pricing information from your distributors. EverLogic supports all distributor and supplier catalogs. And we update parts pricing using catalog information at your request.

You can save time using automated and online ordering. EverLogic gives you the capability of threshold-level ordering and will allow you to send orders over the internet with participating suppliers. Thresholds can be set up based on seasonality to give you the level of control you need to be more profitable.

You can replenish stock with hard information that tells you what sells and when. EverLogic has analysis capabilities that will tell you when and how much of a particular item to order.

Have confidence in your inventory assets by simplifying the inventory counting process using EverLogic’s unique cycle counting feature. You can count bin locations over a period of time to ensure that your inventory stays in sync.

You can also track activity on each and every item. Purchase, sale and adjustment history is maintained and is available for your auditing at any time. This detailed analysis will ensure that you can find the answers you want when you need them.

Key Features Of This Module

  • Uses the latest barcode technology (optional)
  • Improves speed and accuracy
  • HP Point-of-sale hardware available

  • OPOS compliant peripherals supported
  • Parts and Service Module helps cashiers