Sales and Finance

The Sales & Financing module provides you with excellent tools to help you sell more and produce the paperwork necessary for financing.

Closing Documents Screenshot
Closing Documents screenshot
Quote Form Screenshot From EverLogic Dealership Management Software
Quote form screenshot from EverLogic Dealership Management Software
Sales Board Screenshot
Sales Board screenshot

EverLogic includes tools to help manage your sales team. You can set objectives for salespeople, measure their performance and identify strengths and weaknesses in your salespeople or sales process.

The sales quoting system allows you to calculate sales quotes and manipulate variables including selling price, trade allowance, down-payment, interest rate and term. You can quickly add customer and vehicle information, attach additional implements, motors, trailers, etc. to accommodate the heavy equipment and marine verticals. If a quote is evaluated as a potential opportunity, you can add it to an electronic sales board to elevate the opportunity so it can be given more attention. You can change a sales quotes status so that it flows through a simple 4 step sales process from quote, finance pending, finance approved and delivered status.

There is a delivery calendar where salespeople can set appointments and they can also initiate a repair order for the service department. When scheduling a delivery appointment, all pertinent information is transferred directly to the appointment record such as customer and vehicle information.

Key Features Of This Module

  • Calculates/prints accurate sales quotes
  • Roll-back wizards for desired payment or bottom-line
  • Accounts for split deals and commissions
  • Module includes Sales tax lookup

  • Calculates payments for different terms and APRs
  • Quickly and easily copy a deal
  • Email a deal to a prospect
  • Elevate deals to a sales board
  • Schedule delivery appointments