EverLogic Customer Stories

Hear what people are saying about EverLogic.


“EverLogic has been our flagship product since day one. Aside from being a great toolset for our staff to do their job, the training and the support that we get from EverLogic is truly next level. They’re there with us day to day as needed. That’s that’s a big thing with our employees.”
– Salam Hassan, Founder of TravelCamp RV

Chris Davis
Finance Manager, Western Skies RV

“I’ve been in the industry for over 25 years. I used to have to do everything by hand. Everything. With EverLogic, I can do a complete deal in 6 or 7 minutes. So would I recommend EverLogic to a friend? Absolutely! These people know their stuff. They’re very organized. I love it. That’s what I can say.”

Shelley Bennet
Finance Manager, Petoskey RV USA

“Without EverLogic, we would not have the true picture of what we have going on. It provides a great source of what we have in our inventory. Would I recommend EverLogic to a friend? Yes, I would. If somebody was really trying to keep track of their business inventory along with expenses. The information is right there.”

Margo Boyer
Owner, Penn RV Center

“EverLogic, the way it helps me the most is saving me time during the day, just making my life easier in general. It’s easy to learn. For small business it’s great. To do sales times without the EverLogic, I can’t even imagine! Before I had EverLogic, it would take me over an hour. I trust the figures from EverLogic because I put it to the test!”

Duane Mertz
AT Trailer Center

“Implementation was extremely smooth. I would say it is probably the smoothest launch that I ever participated in. All the information was given upfront, setup was smooth and seamless, the transition was second to none. Very user friendly, but yet at the same time it was detailed and given us everything we needed.”

Buffy Vinson
Integrity RV

“With EverLogic, it’s right there. Everything in front of you is just a click away. It has been the most streamlined, easily navigated dealer management software that I’ve encountered. It has been honestly awesome since the day that I got here. Absolutely love the videos and the self-help. I enjoy that you guys are there ready to help, and you’re on it every day.”

Tammy Aumick
Curren RV

“EverLogic, in my eyes, [is] very self-explanatory. And that’s what you need to make your dealership function properly. I like that it transfers over to QuickBooks. I think it’s a very easy program, and it’s so easy to work compared to the other softwares I’ve used. “