Back Office & Document Management

Having your closing documents stored on your dealership management software is not only a time saver, but it also saves you money. By going paperless, you do not need to print as many documents as you did in the past. Additionally, you don’t have to search for documents in random files on your computer. It’s right there in an easy-to-find place on your dealership software.

With EverLogic, that’s exactly what you get. When you sign up with EverLogic, we have a team of document experts who program every state-required document as part of your implementation, including if you have multiple locations in multiple states. We can also program custom documents like customer surveys for a small fee. Each document will have your branding, and we will check and double-check to make sure the language is accurate to protect your dealership.

Back Office & Documents Features

Once your documents are uploaded onto the software, you can be confident that they are in a secured cloud to protect your brand. There are also role-based logins on EverLogic, meaning only people who are qualified can access your documents. And because your documents are stored in a cloud, there is no limit to the number of documents that you can have on the software.

With all your documents stored on the EverLogic software, you can quickly add them to any deal you make and prepare them for signing. This will help eliminate mistakes and redundancies by not having multiple versions of the same document stored on multiple devices. You can be confident that there will be consistency, again saving your dealership time and money.

Additionally, EverLogic has a back-office administration module that ensures that all administrative tasks are completed and will help you provide total customer satisfaction. These include your common back-office tasks like funding, tag and title work, and customer satisfaction.

EverLogic recognizes that all dealers operate differently. And we have many customizable features that will allow you to tailor EverLogic to suit your needs. 

Key Features Of This Module

  • Store Unlimited Documents
  • Communicate Efficiently Between Front-line and Back-office Staff

  • Search Documents Using Keywords
  • Track Funding Status