Parts Inventory Module

If your dealership buys and sells parts, your dealership management software needs to be able to handle the many transactions between your dealership and the vendors your buy from and the customers you sell to. EverLogic’s parts department is designed specifically to make both processes seamless, then add the part quickly to a repair order if necessary.

With EverLogic, your can order your parts directly from your vendors’ catalogs, sell the parts with a quick invoice, add the part to a repair order, report transactions to QuickBooks, and see detailed reports covering all points of your parts department.

Parts Inventory Features

EverLogic already comes with two catalogs uploaded into the software: Keller and NTP. However, at any time, we can upload another company’s catalog into the DMS at no charge to you. Once you select a part from the catalog and choose how many you want, EverLogic will automatically create the part for you in the software.

The software will allow you to customize the part’s UPC, part number, whether the part is a core part and how much money it is worth, the price you sell the part for (up to five), and alternate parts, which can substitute if that part is not in your inventory. EverLogic will also allow you to create and print barcodes for each part to make reporting of sales easier.

Reordering is also a breeze with EverLogic, allowing you to set up a minimum inventory for each part that you have. Once the amount of that part goes below the minimum number, you will be prompted to reorder the part if you choose. You can also go to a suggested reordering list, which shows every part that you are below the minimum.

To help keep track of your parts, EverLogic offers a comprehensive cycle count feature as well as more than two dozen reports focusing on parts alone.

Finally, when it comes to sales of parts, EverLogic allows you to sell parts by themselves or as added on to repair orders. If the part is on a repair order, the cost of the part is automatically placed on the overall repair order invoice. And if you have pricing for loyal customers, you can easily set the discount on the customer’s profile. 

Key Features Of This Module

  • Uses the latest barcode technology (optional)
  • Improves speed and accuracy
  • HP Point-of-sale hardware available

  • OPOS compliant peripherals supported
  • Parts and Service Module helps cashiers