Unit Inventory

On EverLogic, the unit inventory module is where you have the ability to order, receive, track, and manage vehicles on the dealership management software. EverLogic can handle just about any type of vehicle you have in your inventory including cars, trucks, RVs, trailers, motorcycles, powersports, marine, and heavy equipment.

With EverLogic, you can be confident that no matter what you sell on your lot, it will correctly be reported into QuickBooks without having to type out all the information in both software systems. And because EverLogic is easily customizable to fit your needs, you can include whatever necessary information about each vehicle to make it easy to find in your inventory.

Unit Inventory Features

Using the unit inventory module, you can make a purchase order for one unit or several units in the same order. When you make the purchase order, EverLogic will let you set up floor planning for the vehicles you purchase. You can customize which companies you floor plan with when you go through the implementation process with us.

When you add a unit to the software, there is plenty of customization to make the unit easy to find in a search beyond the year, make, and model. You can also include the color, weight, whether the vehicle has slides and fuel type. Once the vehicle(s) arrive, you can take pictures of each one and add the vehicle and pictures to your dealership’s website directly from EverLogic. 

To make things even easier, EverLogic allows users to create flex views, which are customizable lists of vehicles filtered to meet certain criteria. Because EverLogic supports dealerships with multiple locations, you can look up a vehicle at any location. This is a great benefit if you have different types of vehicles at different locations.

When it comes to setting prices, again the software’s customization comes in handy. EverLogic allows you to list as many as 10 different prices for each vehicle, including prices marked specifically for MSRP, Clearance, Red Tag, and Web Price. 

And don’t forget that EverLogic includes a comprehensive reporting system. For units alone, you can find more than a dozen different reports that focus on inventory alone. 

Key Features Of This Module

  • Aging and Itemization
  • Potential Buyers List
  • Dealer holdback
  • Floorplan – Line of Credit Tracking
  • Window Sticker