Kenect is committed to helping businesses across North America increase efficiency and generate new leads. EverLogic’s integration with Kenect allows EverLogic users who also are subscribed to Kenect to do four things more effectively:

Bi-directional Messaging

With Kenect Integration, you can send and receive text messages within EverLogic, where all of the messages are stored permanently in each contact’s Customer Record.

Automated Deal Sold Events

Kenect gives dealers the option to send a scheduled message to a customer, automatically triggered in EverLogic when a deal is delivered. You can modify the message to include deal information unique to a customer.

Seamless CRM Synchronization

Contact Sync is a feature that allows Kenect to receive your current Customer records. EverLogic automatically sends and syncs this information every hour to ensure the most up-to-date information.

Double Your Website Leads

Add a ‘Text Us’ Widget to the bottom of your site and start texting with your customers. Kenect empowers you to respond immediately, automate responses, and logically route the texts to departments, locations or employees.