EverLogic Mobile for Sales

EverLogic Dealership Management Software has a mobile app that allows a dealership's sales team to add and search inventory, add customers and start quotes to send to customers.

Use EverLogic Dealership Software on the go! 

EverLogic offers customers the right solutions, regardless of their needs. Sometimes, you need your dealership management software outside of your desk. You need your DMS to go with you as you talk to a customer outside a vehicle or at a community event.

EverLogic Mobile works with any device, allowing your sales team the flexibility to do many of their day-to-day functions without the need for a desktop computer. Dealerships can easily search their inventory, add new customers or units and begin quotes for customers on their phones, tablets or other devices.

This easy-to-use app design will make communication between teams easier and more consistent. We know sales involves frequent travel or meetings and that engaging with customers is a top priority. That’s why our mobile app has these key features:

  • Seamlessly transition between EverLogic mobile on your phone or tablet and the desktop version of EverLogic
  • Originate sales quotes for customers while shopping on the lot or away from your desk
  • Capture customer information while out on the lot or away at a show
  • Check in new unit inventory and lookup available units for sale

EverLogic Mobile can also save your dealership money. A mobile license is $39 per month, nearly $100 cheaper than a full desktop license. Although it does not do all the functions of EverLogic Core Desktop, you may find it easier to have a few mobile licenses in lieu of a few of your desktop licenses. 

And don’t forget: The app is also used for technicians. Learn more about it here!

Ready to add the EverLogic Mobile App to your EverLogic experience? Existing customers can call us at (904) 998-4066 for more information or click the button below to watch a free demo.