EverLogic for RV Dealerships

In addition to the capabilities listed on the Dealer Software page, EverLogic has specific solutions that are geared for RV Dealers:

Key Features of EverLogic for RV Dealerships

  • Vehicle data-entry for RV’s (including secondary serial number for coaches)
  • Service labor codes available from Spader, RVDA.
  • Customizable lists for inventory types, parts types, etc.
  • Retail bank contracts for key lenders like Bank of America, Bank of the West, Merrick bank and many others.

Case Study: Suncoast RV to Travelcamp RV

Since 2005, Suncoast RV has been running its business operations using EverLogic and QuickBooks. The original founders of Suncoast RV have now moved onto opening and running Travelcamp RV, continuing to find success using EverLogic and QuickBooks. Hear their story below.