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EverLogic DMS

EverLogic for Trailer Dealerships

EverLogic for Trailer Dealers

In addition to the capabilities listed on the Dealer Software page, EverLogic has specific solutions that are geared toward Trailer Dealers:

Key Features of EverLogic for Trailer Dealerships

  • Vehicle data entry for trailers (including the secondary serial number for coaches)
  • Service labor codes available from Spader, RVDA.
  • Customizable lists for inventory types, part types, etc.
  • Retail bank contracts for key lenders like Bank of America, Bank of the West, Merrick Bank, and many others.

Case Study: AT Trailer Center

In January 2023, AT Trailer Center, a utility trailer dealership, found out their dealership management software was going to be inactive in a few months. They had only a short time to find new software that was flexible enough to fit their needs as a utility trailer dealer and allow them to make a seamless transition to the new software with their current QuickBooks accounts intact. Hear their story:

EverLogic for Everyone Else

Marine? Powersports? Heavy Equipment? Golf Carts? We might just be the DMS for you! EverLogic’s versatility allows it to cater to dealers beyond just the RV, Trailer, and Automotive Industries.  Whether you’re in the marine sector, dealing with boats and watercraft, or managing powersports vehicles like motorcycles, ATVs, and snowmobiles, EverLogic offers tailored solutions to streamline operations. Even businesses operating in niche markets like golf carts or specialty vehicles can benefit from EverLogic’s comprehensive dealership management system, empowering them to drive growth in their respective industries.

EverLogic for Everyone Else

Want to see EverLogic in action? Check out the demo here or give us a call at (904) 998-4066 to get a full demo and see if EverLogic is a good fit for your dealership.