Accounting with Intuit QuickBooks

For any business, accounting is maybe the one thing that must be right for your business to succeed. One error in accounting can sometimes throw your business into chaos. That’s why instead of trying to build our own accounting software, EverLogic simply integrates with the gold standard of accounting software: QuickBooks.

If you do research on dealership management software, you’re likely to find that most companies are designing their own accounting software. But we know QuickBooks is an industry standard for accounting. Anyone with accounting experience is likely familiar with QuickBooks. At the same time, if you have never done accounting before, QuickBooks might be the most accessible software to help you learn. Our takeaway: If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em!

Instead of wasting time and money to come up with a competent accounting solution, we think it’s best to leave accounting to the professionals. Our job is to make that process easier so you don’t waste time and money entering the same data in multiple locations.

Here’s how it works on our end. First, when you go through our implementation process, EverLogic works one-on-one with you to optimize your mapping within QuickBooks so everything is accurate when you get started.

Whenever you make a sale, do service on a unit, sell a part, acquire a unit, or do anything else that needs to be accounted for, it goes into separate lists for your unposted date. All you have to do is open that list, click on the item you want to send the QuickBooks, and the item is automatically posts without you having to write it out in QuickBooks. 

Doing your end of days is also a breeze with EverLogic. Our dealership management software will help you identify any listed payments that does not match what was processed. That way, you can correct any problems before your end of days is sent to QuickBooks. Once all your corrections have been made, you simply need to process your end of days. Finally, you post it to QuickBooks, give it a last check for accuracy, and you’re done!

For a more detailed demonstration of EverLogic’s QuickBooks integration, we encourage you to schedule a demo with us to show exactly how any item goes from our software to your QuickBooks.

EverLogic integrates with QuickBooks on the following points:

  • Vehicle sales and data
  • Parts and service sales
  • Vehicle purchases data
  • Parts and accessory purchases
  • All Deposit data
  • New customers and vendors