Which Software Will Elevate Your RV Dealership?


What kind of software company you need to help run a successful RV dealership can sometimes be a difficult decision. We broke down the key differences between what EverLogic and IDS Astra offer to see which software will elevate your RV dealership.

Will EverLogic elevate your RV dealership?

What does EverLogic bring to customers that other companies don’t? 

One of the things that makes EverLogic unique is that EverLogic does not have a built-in accounting system. We decided early on to work with QuickBooks and make that the most robust integration that we have with any partner. What we like about QuickBooks is that it is a complete and trusted accounting system. It also has a lot of banking features that save time and improve accuracy for bookkeeping, accounting, and back-office staff. The familiarity that many bookkeepers and accountants have with QuickBooks also reduces the amount of time it takes to learn dealership accounting processes because they are already familiar with them. We also hear from our customers that QuickBooks allows them complete flexibility when it comes to reporting and customization. 

EverLogic was the first cloud-based DMS system. From day one, our customers never had to buy or maintain expensive servers and systems to operate their dealerships. With EverLogic, you just need a computer and internet connection and you are up and running. If you need to add a new store/location you can do so with ease in EverLogic.

Compare our price to other competitors.

EverLogic is priced favorably compared to some of our competitors in the RV dealership software space. We are priced less than Motility  and IDS. We are priced similarly to and more than AutoManagerBlackpurl or Fraser systems. 

What is our onboarding process timeline? 

We have a 4-week onboarding process. We have a trusted system for completing onboarding that covers every aspect of integration, from setup to training to ensure we guide the dealership to the best outcome. Our Road to Onboarding Success is a comprehensive plan of activities to keep us and our customers on task during the 30-day onboarding period. The value of this onboarding process makes sure that our customers have the ability to use every aspect of the software to achieve their goals within 30 days. 

What is our customer service response time? 

Our goal is to respond to every customer phone call, voicemail, or email within one hour during our normal business hours of 8:30 am to 6:00 pm EST. We strive to be quicker than that, but one hour or less is the standard. We don’t always solve the issue within 1 hour, but we make sure to respond and actively work to answer questions and provide solutions. 

What makes our software top notch? 

What makes our software top notch is that our employees are our secret sauce. One of our core values is putting the customer first, which is why we have such a strong culture of serving our customers above all else. We strive to work as a team to provide a better customer experience. We work very hard to provide an excellent customer experience and we genuinely care about our customers. 

How is our software specific for RV dealers? 

We started our company in the back office of an RV dealership in Jacksonville, Florida. Our founder noticed that his father-in-law’s RV dealership was running inefficiently and there was no clear visibility into the true financials of the company. EverLogic was developed to meet those needs and turned into a full dealership management solution by the time it was completed. It was built specifically to support RV dealership operations for multiple locations and to integrate seamlessly with QuickBooks. Since 2003, we have always made sure that our software would work for any size RV dealership. 

We work with every major supplier in the RV industry. We support all price files for all RV parts distribution companies. EverLogic is also an associate member of the RV Dealers Association. Our software can help elevate your RV dealership.

Which software company will bring your dealership to the top?

IDS Astra software

What does IDS Astra bring to customers that other companies don’t? 

IDS offers their Astra G2 System to their customers. This software offers access to integrations, sales, accounting, CRM, and more all in one place. IDS also offers a mobile payment option for their customers.

Compare the price to other competitors.

IDS Astra does not offer pricing information on their website. EverLogic ensures our customers full transparency on pricing and the information is listed on our website.

What is the onboarding process timeline? 

IDS Astra does not offer information on how long and what their onboarding process looks like. EverLogic makes sure that our customers are fully onboarded in 4 weeks.

What is the customer service experience response time? 

IDS Astra offers email and online chat support for their customers. They also offer an emergency after-hours helpline for support as well. You can also contact their support line for assistance.

What makes the software top notch? 

Their dealership management system offers sales quotes, contact tracking, service, parts and syncs with Outlook so customers can track emails to and from sales.

How is the software specific for RV dealers?  

IDS Software is not specific for RV dealers. IDS Software supports RV, marine, and trailer industries. Although IDS Astra does have software compatible for RV dealerships. EverLogic is proficient in RV dealership software and we pride ourselves in focusing solely on the RV industry. 

We hope this article was helpful in deciding which software will elevate your RV dealership, EverLogic or IDS Astra. If you would like to learn more about the most valued RV dealership software companies follow this link.